Redevelopment of an Agriculture Powerhouse

As of August 2019, our Latin American subsidiary company, BARAD, S.A., has been successfully granted Ecuador’s first and only public and private permits for the cultivation and manufacturing of Industrial Hemp. This project to scale will be one of the world’s largest international cultivations of high-percentage CBD hemp – a truly historic milestone for the international cannabis community and for the country of Ecuador. BARAD, S.A., has proprietary agreements with the government of Ecuador for Industrial hemp (1) cultivation, (2) manufacturing, and (3) research and development.

While the CBD market growth is currently accelerating at a rapid rate our vision for the future is to expand our efforts further into the cultivation, processing, and distribution of hemp for its fibers and bio-derivatives such as biofuels and bio plastics. 

Ecuador has one of the most ideal and unique climates for agriculture production. With a variety of climate types comes a lot of potential for new studies on how this plant can replace current tough and tediously harvested crops in not only South America, but all over the world. 

Our mission working along side the government of Ecuador is to utilize the current infrastructure of predominant agricultural products, such as palm oil and roses, to be support the growth of a new industry with tremendous potential that is Hemp. 

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