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The first day of germination to the last day of harvest is roughly a 7 month period. There are many many factors that can come into play that will either maximize your harvest or greatly reduce your harvest.


We will first start with finding genetics that work for your geographical location. Every inch of the map has different micro climates that regulate what hemp strain can thrive on your farm. We will also set up a schedule for germination and planting of the seed or clone of your choosing.


Fire Ridge has become world renown for its 100% organic practices and will help implement our organic regimen into your daily routine. These practices not only save the environment and help regenerate your farm, they save you time and tremendous amounts of money. It does not take massive overhead and nutrients to cultivate a world class product, let us help you become stewards of the land while teaching you to cultivate the most terpene rich, high CBD hemp on the market.


Our team can help you safely harvest your crop in an efficient manner. How you harvest and dry becomes one of the most important factors on the farm.


A perfectly grown crop can be completely ruined if the harvest and drying has not been appropriately handled. Molds and mildew will quickly set in leaving your crop worthless.


Our team has mastered multiple techniques that will properly dry and cure hundreds of thousands of lbs of hemp in any region.

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