Working together with Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Agriculture, our genetic research and plant breeding partner from Widespread Hemp received one of the USDA's first and only Phytosanitary Certifications for a high-yielding CBD hemp seed. This achievement was integral in getting our project in South America off the ground but also was an opportunity to set a benchmark in the hemp industry with our unique genetics. 


One of the biggest dangers to the hemp industry is not having trusted and assured resources for quality hemp seeds. In this rapidly exploding industry, many people have taken advantage of the lack of resources for quality hemp seeds and have spread a mass amount of seeds across the country with no understanding of the potential dangers. Uncertified seeds can bring in dangerous viral bacteria, pathogens, and pests that could be introduced to the agriculture economy and negatively impact/potentially decimate entire crops of fruits, produce, flowers, and other cultivation industries.


Our genetics have been put through the most aggressive climates and development tests to ensure that these plants can rigorously thrive in any climate around the world. More importantly, we are setting a standard to ensure the safety of farmers and their crops. 

By working directly with the USDA and several state Departments of Agriculture, we are working to create and ensure stability in the market by producing seeds that have a specific genetic acclimation to the region in which they are being produced which can ensure a bountiful crop and ensure farmers are succeeding.

"When success is your only option, you must only trust experience."

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